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3 Tips for Keeping Your Home's Carpets Looking Fresh Year-Round

Keeping carpets looking their best all year long can be a challenge. Dirt and dust, pet hair, food spills, and other messes can quickly make your carpets look old and dingy.

Carpeting accounts for nearly 51 percent of the flooring sold in the United States annually. If you have carpet throughout your home, you must develop a plan to keep it appealing.

From regular vacuuming to deep cleaning treatments like steam cleaning or dry-cleaning methods, there are many ways you can help maintain the life of your carpets while keeping them looking their best.

Follow these easy tips for carpet care to ensure that your floors look great no matter what time of year it is.

Hire Professionals to Clean Your Carpets

When it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s best to hire professional carpet cleaners to take care of the job. Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary tools, machines, and solutions to deep clean carpets more effectively than regular vacuum cleaning can. They also have years of experience that can help them identify carpet types, fibers, and stains to ensure that the carpet gets the best possible care.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Baton Rouge, you can trust our certified carpet cleaning technicians at NelsonB Refreshing Your Floors and More. Our team will use a powerful extraction system to deep clean your carpets, making them look new. We also offer optional carpet protectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer treatments that can help keep your carpet looking its best for longer.

Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

Vacuuming not only removes dirt, dust and pet hair, but it also helps remove airborne particles that can settle into carpet fibers and cause them to become matted down over time. Vacuuming regularly will help keep carpet fibers strong and upright, helping them look their best.

It’s recommended to vacuum carpet at least twice a week, but more often if you have pets or small children in the home. Use a quality vacuum cleaner with adjustable height settings to ensure that it reaches deep into carpet fibers and removes dirt and debris. Be sure to vacuum slowly and go over each carpeted area several times for the best results.

Invest in Quality Doormats

Adding doormats to all entrances of your home is an essential part of carpet care and maintaining a beautiful carpet. Doormats are designed to help capture dirt, dust, mud and other debris that can be tracked in from outside, preventing it from settling into carpet fibers or getting ground into the carpet.

Doormats should be placed at all entrances to your home, both outside and inside. Be sure to choose a doormat designed to trap dirt and debris so it doesn’t get tracked into carpeted areas.

Implement These Carpet Maintenance Tips!

Following these carpet care tips can help keep your carpets looking their best all year long. Hiring professional carpet cleaners can also help extend your carpet's life and ensure it looks its best for many years to come.

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