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Carpet And Rug Cleaning From NelsonBRefreshing

These two types of floor cleaning are excellent for getting your property looking better, improving your quality of life at home, and making your home a safer place to live! We know that these types of cleaning are popular with our customers for these reasons, and we aren’t going to just do the minimum – we are going to make your rugs and carpeting look like a million bucks!

Carpet and rug cleaning have their similarities and differences, and at NelsonBRefreshing, we excel in both of these types of heavy duty cleaning, as well as things like upholstery and tile and grout cleaning, for a one-stop shop for property maintenance and comfortable living. That’s convenient for those who are on our list this Christmas season – and year round.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning: How Are They Different?

One of the biggest, most fundamental differences in carpet and rug cleaning is that rugs can be removed for off-site cleaning or shaken out outdoors.

In the old days, we saw people beating rugs to remove dirt and grime. That's not really the way most modern companies do things, partly due to issues of durability, but it does illustrate how rug cleaning has been different in the past.

By contrast, carpet doesn't go anywhere. It has to be fully treated and cleaned in place, which presents some challenges that companies take care of with an investment in special tools and techniques.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning: How Are They The Same?

Both carpet and rug cleaning are types of deep cleaning that really help with all kinds of contamination and dirt.

For example, take pet damage. There is the everyday wear and tear of pets walking indoors and outdoors and tracking small amounts of dirt and contaminants around the rug or carpet. Then there is actual soiling, which is different…

So cleaners have to understand how to properly remediate these different types of wear. Part of this involves being knowledgeable about how to care for your rugs and carpeting. We can help to consult clients on how this works and give them an excellent deep cleaning that can restore a lot of the value of your original flooring.

Visual Results and Sanitation

When you get carpet and rug cleaning done right, you breathe easy. It's sort of a one-two benefit to customers. They get a much better visual impression for their homes, but they also get a fully sanitized floor. That's especially important for people with conditions like allergies, or those who have weaker immune systems. But anybody can really appreciate the value of a good clean rug or carpet!

Take a look through the rest of the blog and visit the website frequently to see how we’re serving the local community. Hire NelsonBRefreshing for a great-looking house.

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