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Enjoying Your Home With Your Pet

How do you keep a clean house with children and pets running around? Or more broadly speaking, how do you maintain a property over time in a busy, high-traffic environment?

I mean, you love your dog (or dogs!) But as Fido or Fluffy or Alistair runs around the house, eating and drinking, barking and howling, or just rolling around, he or she is leaving tiny little presents around on your flooring. Dander, and often, more.

Our technicians have the experience to help you to put together a plan for keeping your home clean and sanitary and protecting the life of your carpet or flooring even with one or more canines involved – because we know you love your dogs!

We talk about this a bit on our website as we look at how to balance your needs and your pet's needs with the protection of your property. It's not always easy, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But instead of making your home into a no-go zone for visitors, talk to us about how to manage pets and still have a nice presentable house.

Regular Visits

As we point out on the website, the majority of all households have pets. That leads to challenges with keeping upholstery and carpet germ and odor free. Our Scotchgard protection and deodorizer help to alleviate some of the conditions that may be making your home hard to live in. We also bring an analytical eye to these issues, and help brainstorm with you about what the best fix might be.

By showing up promptly and using the utmost professionalism, we help with residential and commercial cleaning in a way that helps you make the most out of your investment in your real estate. Check out the website for more on carpet and rug cleaning and tile and grout cleaning, as well as vehicle detailing, pressure washing and even disinfectant fogging. All of it serves property owners who want the sanitation and care of having an active property maintenance plan, with the best professional partners, to always be sure you are on top of things.

Through it all, we take care to listen to you the customer and put your needs first. In this business, customer service is everything – so we don’t cut corners when it comes to communications and responsiveness, and availability. Take a look around the web site and you’ll see why NelsonB Refreshing is a go-to company for residents in the Baton Rouge area and elsewhere around the greatest state!

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