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Five Important Places To Hit In Interior Detailing

Let's face it – our cars get dirty.

And it doesn't happen all at once. It happens over a given period of time, where you're driving to work and back or elsewhere every day. You don't really notice, a lot of times, how the dirt and grime build up in your vehicle – until things get, well, pretty grimy!!

It's different types of issues that you have to deal with, too, when it comes to cleaning up your car. There are the small particles that build up as you get in and out of the car, and then there's things like fast food trash.

In any case, a professional detailing company will come in and get rid of all of that stuff, and make your car's interior look new again!

Here are some of the major areas that it's important to hit when you're detailing a car’s interior.

Floor Mats

Getting under the floor mats is a critical part of interior detailing.

In some ways, formats were meant to be used to make detailing easy. It's simple to take them out and shake them off, and even run them through their own cleaning process.

At the same time, you’re getting the upholstery under the floor mats, which is also important.

Gear Shifter Areas

It's frustrating how much gunk gets stuck in a gear shifter and related areas. But professional firms know how to get in there and get that stuff out.


You can really see dust and debris building up on a dashboard over time. It happens no matter what you’re using the vehicle for – whether you're hauling cargo or just driving people around.

In some cases, when it gets really bad, the dashboard becomes really unsightly, and it may be harder to see the controls.

Get professional detailing that would address this area of your car.

Glove Compartment

Here's another area where dirt and debris tend to build up.

The glove box is a useful part of your vehicle. Ideally, you’re keeping your registration and paperwork in there. You can also use it as a catchall for items like gum and pens, and anything else that would otherwise end up in the mid-console or a tray by the shifter.

Good organization goes a long way in making your car’s interior a nicer place.

Around Hardware

Car makers also have some funny ideas sometimes…

They like to put Phillips head screws in the top of a door handle holder or other part. Then these items get gunked up and exposed to all sorts of dirt or even liquids like dried soda.

Interior detailing, for this reason, takes some of what the old school people called “elbow grease.”

But with the right techniques and the right methods, these items will be effectively cleaned.

Ask Nelson B Refreshing about detailing work in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

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