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Four Popular Services That We Provide to Homeowners

What do we do at Nelson B. Refreshing? We help customers to keep their properties in excellent condition with a range of services designed for excellent property maintenance and management. That’s our mission – and we’re sticking to it!

Each of these popular services adds value to your assets by helping you to maintain a home or vehicle or piece of equipment well. Treat your personal possessions right with the help of a professional service company that knows its business.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Time after time, customers are amazed at how great they can get their carpet without replacing dirty, old, or worn carpeting.

Steam cleaning really does the job – when it's done properly, it gets into the roots of the carpet and gets out the entrenched grime and dirt to make carpet look fresh and new again.

Those who contact us for carpet steam cleaning service often call us back again for a different flooring area, or to periodically clean the same piece of carpet.

It's just an excellent investment in quality of life, and in a property, and getting the value out of what you own instead of having to call a company in to replace carpet when it gets older. Replacement gets expensive quickly, and re-use through proper steam cleaning is generally good stewardship of your property.

Vehicle Detailing

As with the carpet steam cleaning, vehicle detailing is also a popular service of ours for some of the same reasons.

When you buy a vehicle and get insurance, and talk about sticker price and everything else, you understand that your vehicle has a certain street value. But some of that soft value is in keeping the vehicle uncluttered and clean – making the interior look newer. That's what detailing is based on, and that's the value that it provides to customers.

Pressure Washing

In the world of exterior services, pressure washing is king. Again, this can make the most worn and begrimed surfaces look new and clean with a simple professional application. People want our pressure washing services for concrete, painted surfaces, wicker equipment and much more. Ask us about what we can do at your property.


Disinfectant fogging is another of our professional services that we do often at our customer properties. Here the focus is on improving the sanitation of a space by treating the air and surfaces with a particular disinfectant solution.

This is only part of what we do for local customers in the Lafayette, LA area. Take a look at testimonials and more and consider what we can do for you!

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