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How To Give Your Indoor Air Quality a Boost in 2022

There is nothing as enjoyable as relaxing in your home after a long day at work. On average, people in the world spend around 90% of their time inside. If you are breathing in common air pollutants like dust or pollen while spending time in your home, it is only a matter of time before respiratory problems start to surface. As we ring in a New Year, now is the time to make resolutions to improve your life in 2022.

If you feel like your indoor air quality is not great, you need to make some changes. Do you want to give your indoor air quality a boost in 2022? If so, check out these great tips.

Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the most popular residential flooring options on the planet. Not only is carpet extremely affordable, it is also very appealing. If you have carpet in high-traffic areas of your home, it will collect a lot of dust and dirt over time. Ignoring the need for routine professional carpet cleaning can cause lots of indoor air quality issues.

Every time you walk on dirty carpet, the allergens located in the fibers will fly into the air. Instead of breathing in these pollutants day in and day out, you need to invest in professional carpet cleaning services. At NelsonB Refreshing Your Floors and More, you can get the help you need to clean your carpet. We can also clean your furniture to remove any allergens and air pollutants they might contain. With our help, you can boost your indoor air quality substantially.

Give Your Home a Deep Clean

In the first few days of a New Year, many people take time to deep clean their homes. You may be surprised to learn just how much dirt and dust is hanging out on the surfaces of your home. If these pollutants aren’t removed, it can affect your indoor air quality. Instead of dealing with the health problems, this can cause, you need to take action.

Most people have busy schedules, which prohibits them from being able to deep clean their homes. If you find yourself in this situation, you might want to hire a professional cleaning service. With this professional help, you can get your home cleaned without having to lift a finger.

Check Your HVAC Air Filter

Residential HVAC systems pull in air from outdoors and then heat or cool it based on the thermostat setting. When air is pulled in from outdoors, a lot of pollen and dirt will come with it. It is the job of your HVAC air filter to remove these pollutants.

As time goes by, your air filter will begin to get clogged with dirt and dust. Failing to change this filter can lead to indoor air quality problems. Changing your HVAC air filter once every two months can help you remove pollutants from your indoor air supply.

Putting these tips to use can help you improve your indoor air quality in the New Year.

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