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Nothing Short Of Excellent

People, a lot of people around here, would say there's something different about NelsonB.

When pressed to say what it is, they will maybe just point to projects well done and say that they had a good result.

We would stay that stems from our underlying philosophy of business - that we simply won't accept any mediocrity in what we do! It might sound like something simple, but it takes a deliberate approach and dedication every day. You see it in all of our building and cleaning services. That same principle at work.

Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery

In the carpeting and upholstery world, that means knowing the specific approaches to getting something in a sense “factory clean” or “back to normal” – not just devoid of visible dirt, but clean and sanitary, too.

You know it when you see it, but we have the scientific resources to make sure that our cleaning is effective on these types of surfaces and materials. That creates the result that our customers love.

Grout and Tile Cleaning

For grout and tile work, there's a kind of twofold approach.

First, you want to fix any tile or grout deterioration that leads to functional problems like shifting tiles, or leaves crumbles on the floor as people use the room or space. You have to think specifically about high-traffic areas, how wear happens, and how that impacts a property over time.

After that's done, you want to add a cosmetic finish to get the right aesthetic result.

First of all, both of these things have to be done. Second of all, how they're done makes a difference!

Really, the bottom line is that it's the effort and passion that you put into business that counts.

You build relationships with customers, and you grow your business in an organic way and that's its own reward, really.

Your growth mindset contributes to what you do in the community with your business and you always keep that in mind, front and center, as you go about creating a path forward.

People know what you're offering – they want to know about how you’re offering it!

So we've been proud to be a part of the local Baton Rouge, LA area.

We have more tips and tricks on the NelsonB Refreshing blog for the people who need help with upholstery carpeting, tile and more. Get connected to a company that cares!

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