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Upholstery Spot Cleaning – And More!

How do you get a stain out of a sofa or a chair, or a rug?

Well, you have to use a particular touch to really get the results that you want. You can’t just “wing it,” or you might end up with – a mess.

You may have seen that old Seinfeld episode – not remembering which season or which episode it is – where George and Elaine tried to get stains out of carpet with baking soda and other ingredients. The plaintive frustration and their voices was a representation of how difficult it can be to work with rug, carpet or upholstery cleaning. It’s not “cleaning 101”!

A Soft Touch

For instance, let's talk about water.

Yes, it is the elixir of life. Yes, our bodies are mostly made up of it. Yes, you need it to clean.

No, you should not inundate your upholstery with water. You will get even more problems than you ever bargained for.

How much water should you put on upholstery to clean the stain?

The simple answer is this – not so much that you drench the interior stuffing, or even the wood or frame material. Not so much that it all drains down onto your floor, maybe through the floor and into the ceiling underneath it.

In other words, you want just enough water to combine with chemical ingredients to do an effective clean. Not a lot more!

The long answer is that this can be really complicated, and if you have seen it done poorly, you're not alone…

NelsonB Refreshing can provide effective upholstery cleaning that works.

Upholstery isn’t all we do – we also tackle those carpet and rug problems that have you running for the steam cleaner. Just like on Seinfeld or any other television show, carpet and rug problems can be tough to solve.

Here's another thing that we help with in home maintenance – tile and grout get dirty and grimy over time. Our tile and grout cleaning services help you to get your tiled floors back into sparkling condition!

For more, you can read back over the blog to discover our methods, our approach to cleaning, and what we bring to the table. It's refreshing to deal with a firm that has your best interests in mind and operates based on transparency and excellent customer service. We are that firm. Call us and see how easy it can be!

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