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What's Hiding In Your Upholstery?

You might vacuum your carpet every week, or every two weeks or so. You might clean your countertops even more frequently. But what about your upholstery?

Many people never clean their upholstery! Or they practically never do. But it's concerning how much stuff could be hiding in the upholstery at a microscopic level. Here are some of the things that we remediate for customers at Nelson B Refreshing as we provide our sanitation and cleaning services.

Dead Skin

We all shed our skins every so often. But unlike a snake or other molting creature, you don't see the dead skin, because it comes off microscopically. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

You can see when you have skin damage that it eventually heals as you shed your top layer of skin and grow a new one. But that dead skin is only visible when you zoom in. A lot of it gets trapped in the upholstery to create a less clean environment.

Dust Mites

Tiny insects like dust mites also thrive in unsanitary upholstery conditions. They are part of the natural ecosystem, but you don't necessarily want a huge population crawling around in your upholstery.

Basic sanitation processes remove high populations of dust mites from wherever they happen to be home. And of course, the same kind of cleaning can eliminate various kinds of other insects’ eggs, and microscopic debris that might come along with these biological organisms.


Even soiling in upholstery is often invisible. You don't really see the soiling and wear, until it comes in the form of visible stains from various items residue that gets left there. Red wine, we’re looking at you!

Don't wait for visible stains to appear to get cleaning for your upholstery. We can do a free screening when we’re here for carpet or something else, and show you exactly what we’re talking about.

All of it is part of our commitment to clean homes at Nelson B Refreshing. We do the work around real deep cleaning to help our customers to benefit from a more sanitary environment.

For lots of people, it's out of sight out of mind, until they really sit down and think about what's lurking in their upholstery. The good news is that you can get professional and affordable service from a shop that cares about your quality of life. You can get honest estimates, and a service provider that's diligent about getting you the results that you deserve.

That's really what we stand behind in our business whether we’re cleaning grout, tile, carpet upholstery or anything else. And we invest in knowing these types of cleaning, knowing our business and what we’re doing at a customer’s property. Getting a result with integrity means that you can be proud of what's done at your home or business!

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