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Why Your Craigslist Photos Should Look Perfect

Have you ever tried to sell a used vehicle on Craigslist?

If so, or if you've ever been a buyer, for that matter, a lot of the impact of one of these ads has to do with the pictures that go along with the text.

So what do you see in these pictures? You'll typically see the interior of the vehicle, along with the exterior. You'll see shots of the driver's seat, passenger seats, floor and console and everything else. If someone is being thorough, they’re probably showing you each “quadrant” of the cab, along with areas of the dash.

What condition those are in makes a difference. It might be a subtle difference that you might not notice unless you are a buyer shopping around for a vehicle, in which case you might notice that you get a good feeling about ads where everything is clean and presentable.

With that in mind, here are three areas that we deal with in interior detailing to make the inside of your vehicle look great.


If you see a used vehicle on Craigslist with debris and dirt all over the seating, you might ask yourself how much life is left in that particular car, truck or SUV.

By contrast, having nice, clean seating makes the vehicle look a lot newer. We take a proprietary cleaning process and apply it to your upholstery to make the best impression.

Floor and Floor Mats

Drivers know that this is an area where a lot of dirt and trash can build up. By taking a detailed approach to the floor and floor mats, we really increase the curb appeal of your used vehicle, for advertising or just for a better experience driving each day. This is really better for safety, too – a larger object on a floor mat can be dangerous for the driver.

Dashboard and Console

Have you ever noticed how much dust and grime build up on your dashboard and in the console where you use a gear shifter?

Part of the issue is all of those little crevices and surfaces that make up your vehicle’s dashboard area. Then there are the vents, and the little housings for various dials and displays.

There is just a lot of opportunity for things to get dirty very quickly, and that's why we give this area of the vehicle a lot of attention in our interior detailing process.

Let Nelson be refreshing be your guide in getting your assets in the best and cleanest condition that they can be in, for future use. Whether it’s your house or your car, we give your project our utmost attention, and apply our modern techniques with our very high standards that guarantee the results our clients love.

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